Covid and the Symposium.
International Wolf Symposium 2022

International Wolf Symposium 2022

October 13-16

Invited Speakers
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Rodney Boertje

Research Biologist, State of Alaska, Retired

Luigi Boitani

Chair, IUCN/SSC Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe

Bridget Borg

Wildlife Biologist, Denali National Park and Preserve; Principal Investigator for Denali wolf and caribou research and monitoring projects

Diane Boyd

Wildlife Biologist, Retired

Greg Breining

Writer, Co-Author of Wolf Island

Roblyn Brown

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Wolf Program Coordinator 

Kira Cassidy

Research Associate, Yellowstone Wolf Project

Kevin Crooks

Director, Colorado State University Center for Human-Carnivore Coexistence

Thomas Gable

Project Lead, Voyageurs Wolf Project

Yadvendradev Jhala

Senior Professor, Wildlife Institute of India

Bob Landis

Independent Producer/Cameraman

Kent Laudon

Senior Environmental Scientist Specialist, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Benjamin Maletzke

Statewide Wolf Specialist, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

L. David Mech

Senior Research Scientist, U.S. Geological Survey

Regina Mossotti

Wildlife Biologist and Director of Animal Care and Conservation, Endangered Wolf Center

John K. Oakleaf

Mexican Wolf Field Projects Coordinator

Eric Odell

Species Conservation Program Manager, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Brent Patterson

Senior Research Scientist, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Mark Romanski

Biologist/Natural Resource Program Manager, Isle Royale National Park

Robert Serrouya

Director, Caribou Monitoring Unit, British Columbia, Canada

Jorge Servin

Professor, Metropolitan Autonomous University, Mexico City, Mexico

Douglas W. Smith

Senior Wildlife Biologist, Yellowstone National Park

Dan Stahler

Wildlife Biologist, Yellowstone National Park

Jeremy SunderRaj

Biological Science Technician, Yellowstone Wolf Project

Dick Thiel

Program Committee Chair-International Wolf Symposium, Retired Wildlife Biologist

Blaire Van Valkenburgh

Distinguished Research Professor, UCLA

John Vucetich

Distinguished Professor, Michigan Technological University

Kim Wheeler

Director, Red Wolf Coalition

Steve Windels

Wildlife Biologist, Voyageurs National Park

Barbara Zimmermann

Research Associate, Scandinavian Wolf Research Project SKANDULV

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