Covid and the Symposium.
International Wolf Symposium 2022

International Wolf Symposium 2022

October 13-16

Barbara Zimmermann

Research Associate, Scandinavian Wolf Research Project SKANDULV

Barbara is a professor at the Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management of Inland Norway University (INN). For her Ph.D. in applied ecology, she studied wolf predatory behavior in Scandinavia. For more than twenty years, she has been an active member of the Scandinavian Wolf Research Project SKANDULV. Currently, Barbara leads the research group LARGE and is Principal Investigator for projects on cross-border wildlife management (GRENSEVILT), livestock production in carnivore-exposed forests (CarniForeGraze), and climate change impacts on the boreal forest (TaigaClimate).

Panelist: “Reducing Wolf Populations: Exploring Motivations, Methods, Efficacy and Alternatives “

Barbara Zimmerman
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