Covid and the Symposium.
International Wolf Symposium 2022

International Wolf Symposium 2022

October 13-16

Dr. Yadvendradev Jhala

Senior Professor, Wildlife Institute of India

Dr. Yadvendradev Jhala obtained his Ph.D. from VPI&SU in 1991, a postdoc from the Smithsonian Institution and has been a faculty member at the Wildlife Institute of India since 1993 where, as Dean and Senior Professor, he oversees all academic and research programs. Jhala has pioneered quantitative technology-based research on Indian carnivores and ungulates. He leads the conservation breeding program for Indian bustards. Jhala’s close collaboration with the National Tiger Conservation Authority has ensured that information generated from research gets translated into conservation policy and management actions. The 2018 country-wide survey for tigers lead by Jhala was awarded the Guinness World Record. Publications authored by Jhala have been released by the Prime Ministers of India and Bangladesh. Jhala has been involved in designing, assessing, and planning reintroductions of tigers, rhinoceros, wild water buffalo, and he is the lead scientist for reintroducing the extinct cheetah in India. Jhala has trained over 1600 wildlife professionals and managers from the region. 

Banquet Speaker: “Linking Research to Policy and Management for Conserving Large Carnivores in India”

Yadvendradev Jhala
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